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I am Antome

2010-11-04 06:27:07 by antome

I am I, and I exist. Hurrah.

Camp was horrible

2008-10-26 03:54:34 by antome

Yes. Those dreaded camps. It was absolutely pouring down the whole time, the food was fatty, really fatty, and worst of all our cabin was DOWNGRADED . Bu, I am back, and "still alive" [/shameless reference]

new track-midnight alleychase

2008-10-18 17:27:40 by antome

I spent forever finding good drums for it, But I love the results. Check it out!

bad science! my new music

2008-07-06 20:45:54 by antome

its probably my favourite so far, enjoy it :)

website up

2008-02-20 01:14:11 by antome

although at the time this is very pointless, i have a forum and you can hang out there (note that there are not very many members at the moment) :
this is still in progress and suggestions would be appreciated ;)
ounce again i hope to make further contributations to newgrounds soon, and ill see you soon



schools up

2008-02-12 00:47:44 by antome

thats right, now i only get afternoons till i get my computer fixed :/

on another note, if you haven't seen already on my page i have 2 songs, but not many people have yet seen it :\


2008-02-06 03:10:22 by antome

hello, welcome to my page, i hope to be a useful member, and look forward to some flash contributations :)